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Supporting resident-driven revitalization efforts that improve economic mobility in our area’s most historically disinvested neighborhoods.

Launched in 2017, United Neighborhoods is changing the odds in disinvested communities through resident empowerment and partnerships with lead partner agencies in each community.

United Neighborhoods began in 2017 with two partner communities—Grier Heights and Renaissance West—with the addition of Lakeview in 2022. Further expansion of United Neighborhoods is taking place in these additional communities: Albemarle Road/Central Avenue, Beatties Ford Road/Rozzelles Ferry Road, Freedom Drive/Wilkinson Boulevard, Graham Street/N. Tryon Street, Sugar Creek Road/I-85, West Boulevard and North Mecklenburg: West Davidson, Smithville, Pottstown, Huntington Green.

Transformation and revitalization efforts are driven through community-specific strategies backed by multi-year funding and staff resources from United Way. Needs are identified by residents and addressed by a coalition of community stakeholders that includes residents, schools, nonprofits, government officials, places of worship, hospitals and businesses.

Block Building Grants

These grants support neighborhoods in the early stages of comprehensive revitalization.

Grants will build the capacity of “community quarterback” organizations, fund community engagement activities and complete resident-driven neighborhood planning to identify needs and solutions.

Neighborhood Organizations Include:
  • Brookhill Community Resource Center
  • Hidden Valley Community Development Corporation
  • North End Community Coalition
  • Smithville Community Coalition
  • West Boulevard Neighborhood Coalition

2023 Grant Process

View United Neighborhood funding opportunities.

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Engaging, Educating and Empowering Families with Lakeview Neighborhood Alliance

Lakeview Neighborhood Alliance provides a safe, supportive and welcoming Charlotte community, bringing residents together to build a better neighborhood.

Keeping Neighbors Connected Through North End Community Coalition

North End Community Coalition advocates for equitable communities in Charlotte by amplifying voices and connecting neighbors to opportunities.

Strengthening Neighborhoods with Brookhill Community Association

Brookhill Community Association provides services, resources and opportunities for Charlotte residents to live safe, healthy and productive lives.

Tackling Food Insecurity in West Charlotte

For residents like Ms. Moore, eating well and accessing healthy, affordable groceries on a consistent basis are challenging when living in a lower-income, food insecure community.

Restoring Neighborhood Stability in Grier Heights

Grier Heights is changing as nonprofits, residents and other stakeholders work together to improve the neighborhood’s quality of life.

Making Neighborhood Strides in Renaissance

Charlotte’s Renaissance neighborhood is undergoing revitalization into a mixed-income community where families have a greater chance for success.

United Neighborhoods

United Neighborhoods launched in 2017 with a $2.4 million commitment over three years into the Renaissance and Grier Heights neighborhoods in Charlotte.

It Takes a Village

We are bringing together the people and resources needed to help achieve economic mobility at the neighborhood level.

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