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Together We Live, Together We Give

Your workplace campaign is helping to solve the BIG problems across our communities.

Thank you for hosting a United Way Campaign!

Whether we know our neighbor across town or not, our lives are intertwined. Our community is faced with complex interconnected challenges that cannot be fixed by addressing one singular issue. Hosting a United Way workplace campaign is a powerful way to help over 100 community-vetted nonprofit organizations that are working to support the entire community and wrap support around families in need.

We are incredibly thankful to you for acting as your organization’s Employee Campaign Coordinator. Our team is here to support you as you actively rally your fellow coworkers to create positive impact in our community through your workplace campaign.

Everybody giving adds up and leads to bigger impact. Together, we can do this.


Five tips to help you plan, kick off and wrap up a successful campaign.

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Step 1: Energize

Step 1: Energize

Energize your United Way campaign with internal support. Start by recruiting a team for your company’s campaign. It’s important to keep your CEO actively involved as you set your strategies and goals.

Step 2: Inspire

Step 2: Inspire

Inspire employees with United Way’s impact in our community.

  • Download videos, stories and other resources.
  • Incorporate campaign messaging into newsletters, social media, intranet and internal communications.
  • Create an email schedule using the templates in the Employee Communication.
  • Place United Way posters in high-traffic areas throughout your workplace.
  • Ask a colleague to share their United Way story.

Step 3: Engage

Step 3: Engage

Engage employees in United Way’s work with these ideas:

  • Hosting your United Way Campaign Kickoff event.
  • Planning internal special events and fun activities.
  • Engaging employees through United Way’s community impact experiences, like Board Training or Poverty Simulation Activities.
  • Organizing virtual, custom or skills-based volunteer projects.

Need to take your event virtual? No problem. Check out our resources below to learn more.

Step 4: Ask

Step 4: Ask

Ask everyone to give. The No. 1 reason people do not give is because they are not asked.


  • Invite your United Way representative to speak with your employees during a meeting or event.
  • Ask your company leadership to attend meetings or events, publicly endorse the campaign and encourage employees to do so as well.
  • Ask individuals one-on-one to support United Way through your company campaign.
  • Use campaign events and staff meetings to educate employees about United Way’s work and ask them to help make that work possible.

Step 5: Thank

Step 5: Thank


  • SAY IT | Host an event to announce results via internal communications and send a thank you letter or email to all donors.
  • SUBMIT IT | Submit a summary of results and information to your United Way representative. This report will contain pledge card data, payroll summary data and corporate pledge data.
  • SEND IT | Provide donor contact information and gift information.


Take your kickoff, engagement tactics and fundraising virtual! Check out these guides to help you reach your employees where they are.

20 Virtual Event Ideas For Your Workplace Campaign Best Practices for Hosting a Digital Event Virtual Kickoff Event Planning Schedule Social Distance Volunteering Guide



We measure our success in lives changed. These stories are a testament to the difference our community can make when we come together to create lasting change.

The Impact of United Way

Our community is faced with complex challenges that cannot be fixed by addressing one singular issue. United Way of Central Carolinas harnesses the power of collective giving to help fund over 100 community-vetted nonprofits that are working to support the entire community.

View on YouTube

Engaging, Educating and Empowering Families with Lakeview Neighborhood Alliance

Lakeview Neighborhood Alliance provides a safe, supportive and welcoming Charlotte community, bringing residents together to build a better neighborhood.

View Story & Video

Reducing Health Disparities Through Matthews Free Medical Clinic

Matthews Free Medical Clinic provides free high-quality health care, case management and educational services to low-income, uninsured patients in Mecklenburg and Union counties.

View Story & Video

Keeping Neighbors Connected Through North End Community Coalition

North End Community Coalition advocates for equitable communities in Charlotte by amplifying voices and connecting neighbors to opportunities.

View Story & Video

Creating Paths Toward Stability at Cooperative Christian Ministry

Cooperative Christian Ministry serves Cabarrus and southern Rowan counties, moving people from crisis to restoration by relieving food insecurity, addressing homelessness and keeping families together.

View Story & Video

Building Brighter Futures at Men’s Shelter of Charlotte

Men’s Shelter of Charlotte provides emergency shelter and basic needs, helping people get back on their feet and build a brighter future.

View Story & Video

Helping Neighbors Succeed Through Union County Crisis Assistance Ministry

Union County Crisis Assistance Ministry provides emergency support to help pay mortgage, rent and utility costs for Union County families who've fallen upon hard times.

View Story & Video

Boosting Community Well-Being Through HealthReach Community Clinic

HealthReach Community Clinic provides free health care services and medications, helping to reduce health disparities and strengthen the well-being of Iredell County residents.

View Story & Video

Strengthening Neighborhoods with Brookhill Community Association

Brookhill Community Association provides services, resources and opportunities for Charlotte residents to live safe, healthy and productive lives.

View Story & Video

Supporting Innovation at Cops and Barbers Inc.

Cops and Barbers Inc. provides opportunities to foster dialogue and improve police-community relations for equitable community growth across Charlotte.

View Story & Video

Growing Young Minds at Families First in Cabarrus County

Families First in Cabarrus County provides programs like ESL and GED classes and learning experiences like bilingual preschools that nurture children, empower parents and strengthen families.

View Story & Video

Boosting Youth Health and Happiness

Lanitta got pregnant with her daughter at age 13 and soon felt overwhelmed without people or a place she could turn to for support.

View Story & Video

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Need United Way Gear?

Companies can order directly from the United Way store to get Live United swag and decorations, including t-shirts, signs, balloons, bags and hats, notebooks and pens, and much more!

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Our team is here for you every step of the way- from planning to kickoffs, to wrapping up and everything in between. Click here to find a direct contact for your Relationship Manager or email us. We look forward to working with you!