What does it mean to Live United?


Live United is a mission and goal that speaks to the core of United Way’s philosophy. Whether it is the needs of an entire neighborhood or the needs a family has for tomorrow, we are always working together with our community to improve economic mobility and ensure everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.


When we Live United, we create an environment of opportunity for all by building stronger neighborhoods, improving the systems that serve children and families and providing basic needs support across our region. When we Live United, we bring together the people, resources and services necessary to improve economic mobility—leading to lasting change that is difficult to accomplish when we act alone.


Through giving, advocating and volunteering, to Live United means to get involved in big and small—but always significant—ways to ensure a better future for our families, neighbors and communities.


Below, three United Way of Central Carolinas team members share what it means when we Live United.


Kellie C., Resource Development


Beth R., Community Impact


Lawonda S., Finance


Learn how you can join us to Live United.