Volunteer Dakota Tuggle lets her passion for helping women and children be her motivation in life.


While pursuing a future career in social services, Dakota wanted to gain experience related to her field. That is why back in 2016 she began volunteering with United Way’s Hands On Charlotte, which led her to discover Florence Crittenton Services.


Florence Crittenton Services is a United Way partner agency that provides comprehensive health, education and social services for at-risk or pregnant adolescents. The agency’s maternity program helps pregnant girls and women living in crisis.


“I started volunteering there mainly because I wanted to get experience, but also I just love going there,” Dakota said.


Rarely missing an occasion, Dakota attends every Thursday Night Fun event at Florence Crittenton Services. She and other volunteers participate in activities like playing games and socializing with women in the program.


Dakota said one of her favorite things each week is seeing the women light up with excitement as she walks in the door.


“Their response to me coming every week is motivation for me to keep coming back,” she said.


Dakota loves volunteering so much that she now works at Florence Crittenton Services on the weekends. Through her involvement with Hands On Charlotte, Dakota continues to turn her passion into a career while filling her life with rewarding experiences.


United Way’s Hands On Charlotte provides year-round volunteer opportunities for individuals, groups and all ages. Learn about the many ways you can get involved here.