An avid outdoorsman, Daryl Peck combined his passion for nature with giving back by serving as a Hands On Charlotte volunteer leader at weekend creek clean up projects.


Thanks to his job’s yearly corporate volunteer event, Daryl was able to get involved with United Way’s Hands On Charlotte. After a few projects, Daryl decided to do more. In search of an organization that offered a variety of consistent volunteer opportunities, he immediately found a home with Hands On Charlotte.


Daryl enjoys hiking, cycling and exploring the local greenways of our community. Over the years, he has witnessed firsthand the effect pollution has on our environment.


At the creek clean ups, Daryl and volunteers work hard to keep approximately 3,000 miles of streams throughout Mecklenburg County clean. The project serves in conjunction with Charlotte Mecklenburg Stormwater Services to maintain and restore good water quality condition in our lakes and streams and help keep our community’s greenways clean.


“The most unforgettable experience I have had with Hands On Charlotte was when my group of volunteers and I were cleaning up a local stream and found a total of roughly 50 tires,” Daryl said. “We spent hours removing the tires and by the end had a mountain of rubber.”


Daryl is continuously shocked by how much junk volunteers find along our greenways, but he believes that volunteers have true power to make a difference and that keeps him coming out each Saturday.


United Way’s Hands On Charlotte provides year-round volunteer opportunities for individuals, groups and all ages. Learn about the many ways you can get involved here.