United Way has long partnered with 60,000+ companies worldwide on workplace giving, employee volunteerism and other social purpose activities. Now companies want an even simpler, easier way to help their employees change the world.


We listened. And we, along with Salesforce.org, created Philanthropy Cloud.


This new game-changing platform will connect people to community and make it easy for companies to create change at scale, in real-time and around the world.


  • It’s the only global platform that connects employees, customers and partners with the causes they care most about.
  • It’s the only platform for social purpose backed by the world’s largest nonprofit and the world’s most innovative company.
  • It’s the only global use of digital technology that brings social and personal purpose together.


And now it’s available to United Way’s corporate partners in the Queen City.





For companies, it provides an advantage in the talent war, giving young employees more power to engage with social issues 24/7. It makes employee engagement dramatically easier, more efficient and more effective. Plus, it helps streamline and modernize existing philanthropic programs.


For employees, it will mean an unparalleled, personalized experience that helps them turn their passion into action, connect with causes that matter to them, and reach out to change makers and fellow employees.


The best way to explain it is by example.


Imagine seeing a homeless person on the street. Sometimes, instead of stopping, we walk by. Other times, we pause and give money or offer a kind nod. We’re willing to bet that all of us wish we could do more.


With Philanthropy Cloud, you will be able to do just that. Once you have a profile (set up through your job or eventually on your own), you can search for nearby homeless shelters in the Charlotte region to volunteer.


You’ll be introduced to others in Charlotte who are passionate about the cause and discover tools and techniques to advocate for better services. Like a ripple in a pond, your actions and impact will radiate outward, growing in influence.


Empowering individuals through technology is the most effective way to create change at scale today. If the past was about institutions telling people what to do, then the future is about institutions empowering people to create the change they seek.


We are challenging the status quo, dreaming of a better world and fighting to enable every person to lead their greatest lives in Charlotte and beyond.


Your employees want to make an impact. Does your company have the right tools to support them? Check out this awesome guide to the new era of corporate giving.


Interested in bringing Philanthropy Cloud to your company? Please contact Clint Hill at 704.371.6359 or chill@uwcentralcarolinas.org.