Stable Ground in a Time of Need

At age 14, Vaneta ran away from a very troubled home. Young, scared, and now homeless, Vaneta ended up at The Relatives, where she met Vann, who has over the years become, in a way, the loving mother she never had.


Although her journey was rocky, Vaneta always felt supported by Vann and United Way programs, like YWCA and The Relatives. With their support, she followed her passion and became a special needs teacher.


Vaneta is a proud high school and college graduate because of people like Vann and organizations like United Way. Vann cared enough to intervene at critical moments during Vaneta’s education, when she came close to dropping out. When Vaneta was homeless, United Way made sure her life didn’t become a downward spiral because multiple agencies provided her with a safe place to live until she could reach stable ground.


All it took was one person. Just one person, to forge a lasting connection.


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