Dixon Hughes Goodman takes its partnership with United Way seriously–without taking itself too seriously.


Case in point: the highlight of its United Way campaign last year was a lip-sync battle. This year it was a dance-off at the Boys & Girls Club after volunteering with the club’s children. Bringing the fun was one outcome of DHG’s formation of an internal United Way leadership team to ensure constant innovation.


The leadership team itself is innovative in that it includes employees from all levels of the company. Rather than a top-down mandate about philanthropy, this team makes sure everyone’s voice is represented, building “grass roots” engagement across the accounting firm’s Charlotte headquarters. DHG even engages its clients in atypical ways.


“Rather than take our clients out to the golf course, we get out into the community and volunteer side by side with our clients, which opens everyone’s eyes to the role of United Way and its partners,” said Trey Ackerman, DHG’s market managing partner.


With 100 percent participation at the partner/leadership level, a campaign that has doubled its fundraising in the last five years, and true year-round engagement with both employees and clients, DHG brings a resourceful approach to solving problems in everything they do.


“Our view is that to be a good firm, we need to be good community stewards,” Ackerman said. “We’re not kicking the can down the road and hoping someone else comes up with a solution. We can’t solve everything ourselves, but by gosh we’re going to do everything we can and bring as many people to the table with us as possible.”


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