GivingTuesday is about small acts of generosity and the power of collective giving to change the world.


United Way of Central Carolinas stands ready to keep the momentum going this year to fuel the critical community cornerstones of education, health and financial stability here in the Charlotte region. This GivingTuesday, we are eager to continue the hard work of building a better future for our community—one where every person has a safe home, food security, access to health care, financial stability, a good education, job training and a strong start.


Now more than ever, it is time to assist our neighbors who need support. Starting today, let’s all give for tomorrow.



What is GivingTuesday?


Taking place this year on Tuesday, Dec. 1, GivingTuesday is an opportunity for people across communities to rally around the causes they believe in and build stronger neighborhoods.


Established in 2012 in the U.S. as a celebratory start to the holiday giving season, GivingTuesday has grown into a worldwide philanthropic event that inspires people to give, collaborate and celebrate generosity.



How You Can Make a Difference Locally


The best part about GivingTuesday? It doesn’t take a heroic effort to make an impact. Whether you give your money, time or voice, this GivingTuesday you can fight for the causes you care about and help people in need across the Charlotte region.


Give Your Dollars


Throughout our communities, nonprofits are working tirelessly year-round to make a difference in our communities. United Way of Central Carolinas unites with local nonprofits and organizations to serve nearly 200,000 people in our community every year.


This GivingTuesday, join in to help power greater impact for our community by making a gift to United Way of Central Carolinas—whether it’s your first time or you’ve participated before.


Donate the $5 you would spend each week on a cup of coffee and it can help a family with food and supplies. Or give the $15 you pay every month for online streaming services and it can help provide quality after-school programs.


Every donation matters and everybody giving leads to bigger impact. Together, we can do this.


Give Your Time


By volunteering, you can give something back, make a difference to the people around you, develop new skills and learn more about issues affecting the community. The right volunteer opportunity can help you reduce stress, find friends and even advance your career.


United Way makes it easy to get involved, stay active and make a difference with our Social Distance Volunteering Guide. Support area nonprofits with at-home projects like assembling snack packs and hygiene kits or creating educational flash cards.


Many nonprofits are understaffed or operating on reduced budgets due to the coronavirus pandemic and cannot afford the marketing, human resources or technology resources that their missions deserve. Consider leveraging your specialized experience or talents through skills-based volunteering. These engagements are customized to the needs of the nonprofit beneficiary and can take place virtually via video conferencing.


Give Your Voice


We each have the power to transform our community by lending our voice to advocate for the causes and issues we care about. Advocacy is much more than lobbying. Use your voice to take a stand for what you believe in by sharing through your community groups, social media posts or emails to local legislators. Advocate for United Way by sharing our stories.


In this way, we can make some of the most meaningful change within our community. We can all be activists who affect the kind of change that makes our world a better place.


Give Your Kindness


A seemingly small act of kindness has the power to inspire generosity that can permeate society and catalyze change. Buy someone’s lunch, text someone to say you’re grateful to know them or compliment a stranger. It matters more than we know.


Let’s not put off for tomorrow what we can start today. Join the generosity movement of GivingTuesday and help us drive positive and lasting change for our community!