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Retiree United

Retirement gives you the opportunity to do some great things and perhaps the greatest is helping others.

Whether you’re newly retired or you’ve been retired for years, United Way offers great ways to stay engaged with your community.

Continue Giving

The beauty of monthly credit/debit card deductions is they’re automatic! If you wish to continue giving, we’re ready to help set it up for you. Some large employers will continue matching their retirees’ donations if they’re credited through the company campaign. If this is the case for you, we will be happy to help facilitate this to maximize your gift.

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Gather Together

Several times a year, United Way brings together our retired longtime supporters as a community. We can only include you in these events if we have your personal contact information. To keep in touch and learn more about retirement opportunities through United Way, please provide us your correct email.

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Volunteer In Our Community

There is no better way to create change than to volunteer right where needs are being served daily. Find volunteer opportunities perfect for groups or individuals across our region.

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Did You Know?

Volunteering is good for you.

A 2013 UnitedHealthcare survey found a strong correlation between volunteering and physical/mental health.


96% of respondents

said that volunteering enriches their sense of purpose in life.


76% of respondents

said volunteering made them feel physically healthier.


78% of respondents

said volunteering lowered their stress level.