Campaign associates function as extensions of United Way’s Resource Development team in coordinating employee fundraising campaigns and soliciting employee pledges throughout the Charlotte region. Although seasonal employees, campaign associates are an important part of United Way’s work and play a vital role in successful employee campaigns.


Here, Hannah Marsh reflects on her time as a United Way campaign associate during the fall 2018 and fall 2019 campaign seasons.


I have to begin by simply saying thank you for the opportunity to be a campaign associate not only once, but twice. To say I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at United Way is an understatement.


Something I learned:


I learned that sometimes your plan for your career doesn’t always go the way you think it will, you might get detoured along the way and that detour might just be exactly what you didn’t know you needed.


Something I have more confidence in as a result of my time with United Way:


I have gained more confidence in networking and making connections in the Charlotte community. Being a campaign associate has given me a seat at tables and a place in rooms I never thought I would be close to.


Something I will never forget:


I will never forget all of the opportunities I have had such as creating kick-off activities, organizing staff rallies and planning events like the Legal Reception, Pack the Purse and Hi.Tech Shootout.


Something that made me laugh:


The Resource Development team. This group of people will keep you laughing non-stop. Between mishaps at kickoffs and flying pumpkins, we have all had our fair share of laughs.


Something that really moved me:


On September 11, several team members walked to Romare Bearden Park to see the 9/11 memorial where I met a gentleman that told me a story. This story was his memory of 9/11 and the day he lost his brother. He continued this story by recounting January 15, 2009 when a different plane in the same city would impact his family again. He was a passenger on US Airways Flight 1549 better known as the Miracle on the Hudson. This gentleman shared his faith and how we must hold tight to God in bad times and good.


Something that I look forward to doing as a result of my time as a campaign associate:


I look forward to being more involved with community service and United Way’s partner agencies to have more of a connection to our city and the people that live here.


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