There are no quick fixes to the challenges we face as a community. Progress happens when residents, organizations, neighborhoods and government work collaboratively and creatively. As a part of a countywide initiative, Women United hosted one of many On The Table CLT conversations through their annual Breaking Out the Bubbly event on October 25.

Over 200 local female professionals, community volunteers and business leaders came together at Myers Park Country Club for Breaking Out The Bubbly, sponsored by Baird, to discuss how to make our community more connected, dynamic and opportunity-rich.

“Women United brings together this extraordinary group of women that are like-minded in spirit and philanthropy, as well as professionalism,” said Kathryn Nusbaum. “And since our first Breaking Out The Bubbly last year, we have harnessed that energy to grow from just a small cabinet to 1,500 members across the Charlotte community.”

Over the past few years our community has been confronted with difficult questions and daunting realities in the areas of community trust, school and neighborhood segregation, and economic mobility for all. On The Table CLT helped to expand community dialog to include varied voices and diverse perspectives and experiences.

A hot topic discussed by attendees was social capital. Although a relatively new term, the underlying idea has been around a long time- in many places and cultures. Social capital is defined by connections and networks people have within and across their communities that expose and link them to information, resources and opportunities.

While no one solution exists for all the challenges that Charlotte faces, progress in any area will require sharing, listening and trust-building among residents. Women United gives female professionals a platform to listen and learn from each other while also aligning their philanthropic action with United Way’s new impact strategy which focus on building stronger neighborhoods, improving the systems that serve children and families, and providing basic needs support across our region.

“Look at the incredible women in this room. Can you image what we can do if we pull together for this community? Or heck, the world,” said Terri Pope, keynote speaker and retired VP of American Airlines- Charlotte Hub. “The joy I have felt after helping others with their careers far out weights the joy I’ve felt with my own personal accomplishments.”

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Several groups and organizations hosted On The Table CLT conversations throughout Charlotte- Mecklenburg. Follow the community conversation by using #OnTheTable on social media.

If you would like more information on joining Women United, email