Imagine the pride an adult student feels when they receive their degree. To many, finishing a degree later in life than most is a testimony to the hard work and resilience that empowered them through the challenges they faced along their journey. Now, imagine being a part of that journey.

As a Hands on Charlotte volunteer, you have the opportunity to experience a portion of that pride when you help tutor a non-traditional student in basic literacy and math.

When you participate in Hands on Charlotte’s adult student tutoring sessions, you are doing so much more than working together with students to complete the math problems in their workbooks. You will get the chance to provide your fellow Charlotte citizens with the help and encouragement that will fuel them toward their graduation. You will make friendships, see real learning progress and even brush up on your simple math skills.

The sessions are only an hour and a half on Tuesday and Thursday nights- and you don’t have to commit to any sort of schedule. Just sign up for the days you’re available and don’t forget to bring your teamwork mentality! The tutoring takes place at Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC), where parking is free and only a block from the tutoring classroom.

Are you interested in helping people make strides toward their education goals?

Join our team of compassionate tutors! Visit our page to sign up!