United Way of Central Carolinas joined United Ways across the country for a #UnitedWayChat on February 5, 2020 to share how 211 connects our community to vital services, dives into the underlying problems and finds solutions.


Q1. When did 211 launch in your community and how many calls have you answered since it started?


A1. Prior to becoming part of NC 211, we had a 211 call center in house! Since 2015, 211 providers have answered over 95,270 calls in our five-county footprint.


Q2. How many requests for help did your 211 address in 2019? What were the top three issues?


A2. In 2019, NC 211 addressed 29,723 requests for help in our five-county footprint. The top three requests fielded by 211 providers were housing & shelter, community development & enrichment and employment & income.


Q3. How do you plan on celebrating 211 Day?


A3. We’re celebrating 211 Day by raising awareness! We have great content to share across our social media footprint and online presence to recognize the invaluable role 211 plays in our community. Read about 50 ways 211 serves the community here.


Q4. Can you share a story about a client you’ve helped through 211?


A4. We don’t have a current story to share about a specific client, but instead took a broader approach to show how 211 collectively assists our neighbors in need every day. Read about it here.


Q5. How has your 211 partnered with local and state government or elected officials?


A5. We work with local homeless service providers, City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County to provide a more efficient way to serve the homeless in our community by utilizing NC 211. Read how we’re doing this here.


Q6. How did your 211 help respond to local, regional or national disasters in 2019?


A6. Although not specific to the Charlotte region, NC 211 helped connect communities impacted by Hurricane Dorian in Sept. 2019 to resources like evacuating, shelters, food assistance and more.


Q7. How does your 211 partner to address social determinants of health?


A7. Our partnership with NC 211 for Coordinated Entry helps connect people experiencing homelessness/housing instability with resources and supportive services. In fact, the NC 211 database has over 19,000 health and human services resources available!


Q8. Who are some of your key partners? How do they partner with you for 211?


A8. We value partnerships including those with City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County and NC 211, which continuously connect individuals and families across our five-county region with resources provided by our network of 100 nonprofit partners.


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