United Way of Central Carolinas joined United Ways across the country on Dec. 11, 2018 for a #UnitedWayChat Twitter discussion to share how we’re helping individuals and families in the Charlotte region achieve optimal health and maintain healthy lives.


Q1: How are health, education and financial stability interconnected?


A1: Healthy children and families. Thriving economic conditions. Quality education options. It’s all these things & more that give a community the power to shine. Each day we work to build stronger neighborhoods where families can break the cycle of poverty!


Q2: What is your United Way’s #1 health-related priority? What health-related programs do you fund?


A2: Access to health care! Take it from our President/CEO Laura Clark: “We ensure those with limited resources have access to an array of health and mental health services so that they can get healthy, stay healthy and provide for their children and families.”


A2: (part two) And we support our 5-county footprint through a network of community partners helping to ensure everyone in our community has the tools and resources needed to achieve optimal health. Here are just a few of our partners.


Q3: What are you doing to improve health outcomes and meet unmet needs in your community?


A3: We continually support efforts that reduce health disparities and strengthen the overall well-being of our community! We’ve increased investments in partners focusing on maternal care, early childhood development, mental health & access to primary care.


Q4: Can you share a specific health-related impact story, someone your United Way has helped?


A4: By age 14, Lanitta was overwhelmed by the death of her mother, an unstable home life & pregnancy. Now, Lanitta is leading a healthier, more stable life thanks to health programs and services supported by United Way of Central Carolinas. Read Lanitta’s story here.


Q5: Has your United Way reached out to elected officials on health-related issues?


A5: While we don’t directly reach out to elected officials, we have dedicated staff and board members serving on committees and boards throughout our community to bring light to and implement change for areas like childhood mental health.


Q6: How is your United Way increasing access to health in your community (e.g. open enrollment, screenings, etc.)?


A6: About 1 in 5 people in Mecklenburg Co. are food insecure. Our United Neighborhoods initiative has helped fund a mobile food market in Charlotte’s Renaissance neighborhood, bringing healthy groceries and wellness education to residents. Read the story here.


Q7: What is your United Way doing to improve health equity in your community?


A7: To improve health equity, we invest in efforts promoting healthy beginnings, access to care & healthy communities. These efforts are prioritized for their ability to promote community health & well-being and for their potential to support economic opportunity.


Q8: Who are some of your key supporters and partners for your health-related work, particularly corporate partners?


A8: From grassroots nonprofits to large companies, our community & corporate partners play a BIG role in building healthy neighborhoods across the Charlotte region. Check out the list here.


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