United Way of Central Carolinas joined United Ways across the country on September 12, 2019 for a #UnitedWayChat Twitter discussion to share how we’re committed to taking a diverse, equitable and inclusive approach to building our organization and serving our community.


Q1. Why does your United Way engage in diversity, equity and/or inclusion work?


A1. Diversity, equity and inclusion are central to our work as we fight for the education, health and financial stability of every person. We can’t be successful without elevating diverse perspectives, championing inclusive programs and advancing equitable outcomes.


Q2. Does your United Way have a diversity, equity and inclusion statement?


A2. We value diversity, inclusion, empowerment, integrity and respect. We use these principles every day to guide our work and progress our vision of a community where every child, individual and family can achieve their potential.


Q3. Does your United Way have or fund programs that engage communities with diverse backgrounds?


A3. Our United Neighborhoods initiative changes the odds for people living in our region’s most under-resourced neighborhoods. Needs are addressed by a diverse group of residents, nonprofits, gov officials, schools, churches and businesses. View our United Neighborhoods video here.


Q4. Which community groups does your United Way partner with on diversity, equity and inclusion work?


A4. We support Race Matters for Juvenile Justice, a leadership group working to reduce racial inequities and disparate outcomes for children and families of color in our community. We help fund the group’s racial equity workshop for educators, law enforcement, child welfare advocates and others.


Q5. Who are some of the biggest champions of diversity, equity and inclusion in your community?


A5. We salute our President and CEO Laura Clark as a champion of diversity, equity and inclusion. She’s among the first to sign the recent CLT 2019 Unity Letter to reject racism, bigotry & hate in Charlotte & voice support of our diverse community. View the letter and list of signers here.


Q6. Has your United Way had conversations around diversity, equity and inclusion with your staff and/or board?


A6. We’re committed to taking a diverse, equitable and inclusive approach to building our organization and serving our community. Following our team’s visit to United Way’s Equity Summit, we launched an internal staff-led DEI initiative to better guide our work.


Q7. What is your United Way’s most meaningful project centering on diversity, equity and inclusion?


A7. Now in year three, our Unite Charlotte initiative has invested nearly $1.2 million in local organizations focused on boosting economic mobility through social justice initiatives that address racial equity, poverty, civil rights and/or inclusion. View our Unite Charlotte video here.


Q8. Which of your corporate partners emphasize diversity, equity and inclusion work?


A8. We’re grateful for all our corporate partners who emphasize diversity, equity and inclusion work. In particular, a special shout-out to partners Wells Fargo and Duke Energy who supported our Unite Charlotte initiative as initial funders.

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