Three takes on the benefits of participating in nonprofit board training


Serving on a nonprofit board is a way to give back, while also expanding your network and gaining leadership experience. With hundreds of nonprofits in Charlotte, there’s a need for trained board members willing to step up and serve on boards.


United Way of Central Carolina Young Leaders group is hosting a two-part board training session to prepare young professionals for board service. Facilitated by The Lee Institute, the training gives you the nuts and bolts of being a part of a nonprofit board.


We asked the workshop facilitator, a member of Young Leaders and event sponsor Duke Energy to give us their takes on the benefits of participating in the Young Leaders’ board training sessions.


From the Facilitator:

“The upper limit of a nonprofit’s success is the quality of its board. This workshop is a crash course in board service that prepares young professionals to hit the ground running as soon as they join a non-profit board.”

– Kate S. Flynn, The Lee Institute


From a Young Leader:

“I feel confident that the training I received in this session has helped prepare me to serve on a nonprofit board, in the future. I really enjoyed the experience of having each table group act as a ‘board.’ where we were presented with real world examples of issues that boards routinely face. It really gave us perspective on what it’s like to be an actual board member.”

-Merissa Hannah, Young Leaders


From the Sponsor:

“At Duke Energy, we have extremely talented young professionals who are passionate about serving their community. Through the United Way Young Leaders board training program, we can connect them with resources that will allow them to use their leadership skills and passion to improve the community. At the same time, these young professionals are living the Duke Energy purpose, which is to power the lives of our customers and the vitality of our communities.”

-Sarah Degnan, Duke Energy Foundation


Serving as a nonprofit board member is a challenging and rewarding experience for many young professionals. Join us for one or both sessions and get ready to make a difference as a board member at a local nonprofit.


Program Details:

Session 1 – May 15, 9-11AM

Session 2 – July 19, 1-3PM


Participants can sign up for one or both sessions. Classes held at the Goodwill Opportunity Campus.


Interested in joining Young Leaders? Click here.