United Way of Central Carolinas funds nonprofits in the Charlotte region in order to improve economic mobility, advance racial equity and ensure everyone has the opportunity to live up to their full potential.


Part of taking care of a community’s needs is providing mental health services. It is important to recognize the need for resources and offer education, support and treatment for mental health disorders. Some of the agencies focus strictly on mental health, while others offer those services as part of a larger mission.


Here is a list of agencies United Way supports that offer mental health services: 


Care Ring | Provides health services and education for the uninsured, underinsured or those lacking access to affordable, high-quality preventive health care to empower individuals to establish and maintain good health.


Charlotte Community Health Clinic | Offers high-quality medical, dental and behavioral health services to adults and children regardless of their financial situation.


Community Free Clinic | Provides comprehensive primary and specialty healthcare as well as lab and pharmacy services to uninsured adults.


Community Health Services of Union County | Offers personalized preventative, primary and specialty healthcare to uninsured adults to ensure wellness for all individuals.


HealthReach Community Clinic | Provides free health services to uninsured adults including primary care, some specialty care, education, labs, a pharmacy and chiropractic care.


Healthquest of Union County | Offers assistance and free or low-cost medicine to individuals without prescription insurance or without funds for maintenance medications to treat chronic medical conditions.


Hope Community Clinic of East Charlotte | Provides medical and counseling services for families facing personal and family struggles or challenges alongside the Project 658 Center.


KinderMourn | Offers hope for bereaved parents, grieving teens and children by offering support and counseling programs as well as empowering the community to effectively support those experiencing a loss.


Lake Norman Community Health Clinic | Provides a medical home to uninsured families and individuals where they care for and educate them on living and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.


Lionel Lee Jr Center for Wellness | Offers supportive services to help individuals and families meet their basic health and wellness needs and provides programs that support and empower the LGBTQ community and vulnerable groups in society.


Mental Health America of Central Carolinas | Provides online mental health screenings, support and education programs for families and individuals with mental health disorders and promotes mental wellness through advocacy and awareness efforts. 


Promise Resource Network | Offers survivor-led healing and wellness to those recovering from trauma stemming from substance abuse or mental illness in the community.


Teen Health Connection | Provides adolescent medicine and behavioral health services, education, advocacy, leadership development and research to improve the overall health of adolescents.


Triumph Services | Offers management, support services and advocacy for survivors of trauma, traumatic brain injury and co-occurring substance abuse or mental health disorders.


Turning Point, Inc. | Provides resources and services for survivors of child abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence.


Wilson Oasis | Offers community enrichment programs, mental health counseling and resources to Black men facing barriers when attempting to access care.


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