At United Way of Central Carolinas, our mission is to bring hope to communities through resources like food, shelter, access to medical and mental health care and job training opportunities. We know that one agency cannot tackle all of the needs of our community. It takes a village to serve our neighbors in need.


This collective impact is made possible through collective giving. Because of you, your coworker down the hall and your neighbor across the street, United Way was able to fund over 140 nonprofit agencies that are building stronger neighborhoods, advancing racial equity and economic mobility, and providing a safety net for those who need it most.


Your gift ensures children and young people have the knowledge and skills to create a successful path from school to career.


Your gift reduces health disparities and increases access to health care for children and families.


Your gift addresses homelessness through direct relief, research, innovation and advocacy.


Behind all our work, there are people like you who get involved in big and small — but always significant — ways to ensure a better future for our families and communities.


In this season of giving, join United Way in tackling our community’s most difficult problems.


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