The more kids are at school, the more opportunities they have to learn and build the skills and knowledge they need for life.


In fact, research shows that being in attendance for 90 percent of the school year is linked to reading proficiency, skills development and on-time graduation. But these achievements are hard to reach when students miss school too often.


How many absences are too many?


Missing as few as 18 days in a school year can have a lasting impact on a student’s academic success. On average, one in 10 kids in kindergarten and first grade are chronically absent – which means they miss so much school they get behind and can’t catch up.


Chronic absence can lead to problems with literacy, passing subjects and even graduating high school on time. Further down the line, kids may be unprepared for middle- and high-skill jobs.


Why do children miss school?


Kids miss school for a variety of reasons – it is not simply that they are too lazy to go or are playing hooky. Students who are chronically absent often want to go to school but can’t because of obstacles like health conditions, housing instability, transportation or involvement with the juvenile justice system.


What is United Way doing?


That’s why we work with our network of community partners to help ensure every child has the greatest chance of going to school and learning each day of the school year. Together we minimize the barriers that keep students out of school and build supports that keep them on track.


Children’s earliest experiences can determine their ability to succeed in school and life. To positively influence our community’s future, we must set our youngest minds up for success. When children are successful, the whole community thrives.


How can you help?


This back-to-school season, help us make it possible for more students to get to school every day. Every dollar counts as we fight to make sure all children in our community have a high-quality education and the tools and resources needed to reach their full potential.


When you give to United Way of Central Carolinas you support the education of children across the Charlotte region and set them up for academic success.


Learn more about the work we’re doing to support children in our region.