A-LIST brings together African-American philanthropic leaders to engage our community in United Way’s work through collaborative efforts of reducing poverty, increasing literacy and improving economic mobility. With combined philanthropy and networking events, A-LIST strengthens and supports our neighbors by bringing awareness to critical issues affecting our community.


Community Impact


Generational poverty often means a lack of opportunity for families of color. For many, it can be a hard climb to navigate society barriers to reach economic mobility. No one should have to make this journey to a better life alone.


Aligning with United Way’s strategy to break the cycle of poverty and achieve economic mobility, A-LIST members use their networks to connect the community with living-wage jobs. A-LIST provides education and awareness around the issue of workforce development and how it relates to economic mobility through networking and volunteerism events.


Why Engage?


Throughout the year, A-LIST members enjoy opportunities to further their involvement in minority communities. Members network and take part in professional development through unique events like the Boardroom Business series to connect like-minded individuals and discuss community issues.


“At our signature Boardroom Business discussions, a guest panel shares the kind of career development wisdom that can only be obtained through personal interaction,” said Kellie Cartwright, A-LIST co-leader and United Way’s director of community impact. “Learning from their experience is what will help elevate a person from average employee to polished professional.”


A-LIST members also participate alongside other community volunteers in hands-on opportunities like an upcoming holiday gift drive where members donate items to those in need. These activities help us impact lives and create a better community for all.


For more information about A-LIST and how you can engage, click here.