Ingersoll Rand’s vision is to create a world of sustainable progress and enduring results.


In philanthropic terms, that translates into continual, measurable improvement – and generosity that has increased by leaps and bounds.


Consider this: in 2009, Ingersoll Rand’s entire United Way fundraising campaign was around $300,000. This year, Ingersoll Rand’s increase over their prior campaign – just the year-over-year growth alone – surpassed $200,000, the largest increase of any company in United Way’s most recent campaign.


Ingersoll Rand’s charitable gains mirror the overall company’s financial performance, and the two are firmly intertwined.


“We have demonstrated quantitatively how strong employee engagement has a positive effect on the company’s overall bottom line,” said Scott Krull, vice president, global commercial leader at Ingersoll Rand and a member of United Way’s Board of Directors. “Our partnership with United Way improves both our company and our community.”


Ingersoll Rand’s philanthropic employee engagement is year-round because the United Way campaign runs across the full year, not confined to one season. The diversity of its events also facilitates broad participation, from conventional fundraisers like a golf tournament and an auction, to atypical events such as kickball tournaments, motorcycle poker runs, and boat cruises on Lake Norman.


Even the company’s volunteerism is innovative, through its Dollars for Doers program. Not only are employees given 20 paid hours per year to volunteer, but when they complete the 20 hours, $250 is given by the Ingersoll Rand Foundation to their charity of choice – and when they volunteer for a United Way agency, the foundation gift is doubled to $500.


Altogether, this deeply ingrained United Way commitment resulted in a local community impact of more than $1.5 million last year.


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